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Together we can impact the next generation of changemakers.

Developing Future-Ready Students

By partnering with global brands who share our vision of building an equitable, diverse workforce, we prepare students for tomorrow through innovative, real-world learning opportunities that ignite curiosity.

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Reach Your Social Impact Goals with Education Partnerships

Discovery Education partners with industry-leading organizations to ensure equitable access to quality education and address critical topics impacting today’s classrooms, communities, and the workforce. Together we aim to provide students with an opportunity to make real-world connections and thrive in any environment.

Defining Social Impact in Education

cep workforce development engagement
Workforce Development & Engagement

Early exposure to diverse people, places, and possibilities help prepare students for the next phase of their lives, shaping the future workforce. Put your brand and employees at the center of career paths for students.

cep sustainability

Our world is rapidly changing—from the environment to the global economy. Join the world’s leading companies in educating and empowering students to protect environments and create a more ecologically and socially just world.

cep student well being
Student Wellbeing

Students and teachers best learn and grow in environments that affirm identity development and support wellness. Foster the next generation with a connected sense of self, grounded in mental wellbeing, social-emotional learning, health equity, and physical health.

Future-Ready Students

We prepare students for tomorrow’s careers through innovative, real-world learning opportunities that ignite curiosity by partnering with global brands and like-minded organizations who share our vision of building an equitable, diverse workforce.

SIP Real World Connections

Creating Real-World Connections

Working with partners and subject-matter experts across industries, we invite students to explore the world around them.  Virtual Field Trips immerse students in new places to meet the people who power their world and dynamic career explorations bring workforce readiness to life.

Igniting the Potential of Every Child

We empower students to discover and develop their strengths through learning experiences that honor the diversity of today’s classrooms. Through authentic and unforgettable perspectives, students can see themselves and their true potential.

SIP Igniting Potential
SIP Reaching Students

Reaching Students Wherever Learning Takes Place

We partner with districts, states, and countries to ensure equitable access to learning resources that enable upward socioeconomic mobility, currently supporting a global education network reaching 4.5 million educators and 45 million students.

Social Impact Blog

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week we’re taking a pause to acknowledge, thank, and high-five a cornerstone of our social ecosystems—our teachers. As a society, we rely on systems for safety, productivity, and progress. These systems, like parks, schools, and roads, rely on good planning. But they also rely on the continual support, innovation, and leadership of everyone to …

Earth Day

Food for thought: Is “Earth Day” becoming outdated (in a good way)? In the Social Impact space, we know that capitalizing on a moment in time for employee engagement is key to having messages resonate. It can be the same in classrooms too. There is power in creating a moment of time and importance for a specific …

The 2023 National Pathways Summit

Friends, On March 16, I had the opportunity to facilitate a conversation titled “Industry in the Classroom: The Role of Corporations in Workforce Exposure and Experience” at the National Pathways Summit in Washington, D.C. I left energized, and frankly anxious to continue the dialogue about the importance of private and public entities speaking the same …

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