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Discovery Education Coding

Student-Guided Block, HTML, and Python Coding

Bring Coding to Life for Students

With Coding, students will gain a secure understanding of coding concepts, like algorithms, sequences and variables, and develop critical computational thinking skills through decomposition, logical reasoning, and imaginative problem-solving. And, best of all, students and teachers alike will be able to demonstrate their creativity and build confidence by creating their very own apps and sharing them with their classmates and colleagues.

Teacher Support Resources

Explanatory videos help simplify complex concepts and provide visual illustrations and examples of what students need to achieve in each lesson of the Coding curriculum. Over 100 lesson plans also provide everything you need for instruction, including a quick overview, learning objectives, success criteria, vocabulary, and key questions for comprehension.
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Scaffolded Learning Support

Each unit is broken down into bite-size chunks that enable students to master each skill before moving on to the next. Built-in code validation and a “console” area help students identify any mistakes they’ve made and ensure they’re fully supported in their learning.
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Free Code Opportunities

There’s also plenty of room for creativity with open-ended activities at the end of each unit to stretch student imagination and challenge them to come up with their own ideas by adding new objects and actions to those they’ve used in lessons. Students can go even further with the free code area, which allows them to write their own code from scratch using the full library of coding blocks available.
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Engaging Programming Challenges

The contexts used throughout the Coding curriculum are interesting and motivating for students, with a tangible output at the end of each lesson. Whether it’s making a space rocket fly, or Red Riding Hood walk through the forest, or even giving food to a hungry monster, every student can find their unique source of inspiration.
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Empower Your Students to Code With Confidence

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